Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The inaugural Lilly (in which I excessively use parentheses)

Yes, I have been trapped inside for the last few weeks by all of the snow we've gotten. Actually, I was stuck for a few days as it turns out that the trusty Focus isn't all that trusty when it snows more than an inch. I want my Subaru back.


It's almost Spring! As a little reward for losing 10 pounds (I started Weight Watchers in January - a whole 'nother story), I treated myself to a new top.

It's the Lilly P. Roe Biggy Stripe top. Isn't it pretty? As soon as I saw it (on a preppy blog - one of the many that I lurk on), I had to have it. It's been so dreary outside here, what with all of the snow and slush, that it reminded me that spring is around the corner and soon I will be spending lots of time outside in the warm, digging in the dirt and tending to my hostas.

I've never bought anything from Lilly before, although I often find myself surrounded by it when venturing out to certain parts of our area - ahem, Main Line/KOP - I am talking to you. I harbor a secret affinity for preppy items, my high school was full of popped collars, fair isle sweaters and pink/green/navy clothing combinations, but I never really felt that it necessarily suited me; what with the curly red hair and skin that burns rather than tans when left out in the sun for any amount of time. But, whatever, there are no rules and I'm all grown up now - with big girl pants and everything!

I ordered the top from Ocean Palm, a store in Virginia Beach. Let me just say - if you have any inclination towards Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines or any of the other preppy labels, please check Ocean Palm's website out. Shortly after I placed my order, Janet sent me an email (in addition to the automatic email confirmation) to let me know that the top would be shipping out on Monday and inquiring as to how we were doing with all the snow in PA; as she had just returned to VA from King of Prussia (where, apparently, Lilly P. is headquartered - who knew?). It was very thoughtful of her, and I was totally impressed.

Then I was pleasantly suprised when the package arrived yesterday - it only took a day to get to me - squee! And it is fabulous. I love it. I can't wait to wear it when the weather gets warmer. In the package with the top (which was nicely wrapped in hot pink tissue), was my receipt and a card for Ocean Palm (with a note on the back thanking me for my order and inviting us to stop in the store if we ever find ourselves in Va. Beach), tucked into an adorable pink and green Lilly credit card wallet. It's the little things. Really. I forgot what good service one gets when shopping the 'premium' labels. It's not going to keep me from buying at sales and using coupons, but it is the reason that I will return to her shop and make more purchases.

That is, if I haven't already. :)

(and I've already suggested Va. Beach/Williamsburg as a possible weekend getaway to GeekBoy)

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