Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Flying the coop (and other fowl things)

GeekBoy and I are getting the hell out of Dodge for Turkey Day. Well, actually, for all of Turkey week. The hell with dealing with holiday travelers - we just tacked a couple of days on and hopefully we'll miss the whole chaotic mess (you know how much I enjoy mingling with people, especially at the airport). We're headed to Mexico to lay around the beach; to relax and read and drink cocktails with little umbrellas in them. I'm wondering if the resort will offer anything in the way of traditional Thanksgiving fare on Thursday. Turkey tacos, possibly?

No worries about the 'rents going hungry on the big day. CrabbyC and Tex are heading to the casino for T-Day dinner, they love them some comped buffet and slots.

Last night at Bingo! (our only win was a door prize giving us $5 off our next visit, last time we won $120 - woot!) I asked GeekBoy if he thought they might have Bingo! at our resort. He said he didn't think so, that they probably don't know what Bingo! is. I sort of agreed, figuring that he was probably right; but then said wouldn't it be HILARIOUS if they had their own game called Gringo! instead?

Dammit - I AM funny.

Currently, I am in the misdst of trying to pre-overpack for this trip. I have a fundamental inability to pack light. We leave Saturday morning. I have (basically) 7 days/nights to pack for. With clothing options to choose from, jewelry, hair stuff, and 7 books; my bag should be around 83 pounds. Although, I did just get a new hair dryer - the T3 Featherweight, so maybe there is hope for me. Those ounces really add up. And GeekBoy wasn't too receptive to my suggestion that I could utilize the unused space in his bag. His point about packing too much leaves no room to buy anything while you're there is valid, but I then pointed out that jewelry really doesn't weigh that much and BONUS!, you can wear it out of the store.

It's not going to be all lazing around while we're there. We do have plans for a day trip to tour the ruins of Tulum, as well as to snorkel in the cenotes at Dos Ojos (spider monkeys!) and to swim and snorkel with sea turtles in the bay. Critters! I can't wait. Well, I could wait on getting into a bathing suit in public, but whatever. Monkeys and turtles! Drinks with umbrellas! Not being at work!

Kitties will miss us though. No worries, they will be very well taken care of. We have teams of people lined up to care for them in our absence. OK, we have 2 people. But rest assured, they will not experience an interruption or decrease in the level of service they have become accustomed to.

I've got a new camera (thanks for the b-day gift GeekBoy!) so my trip pictures should be kick-ass. Unless all the umbrella drinks impair my ability to push the button and hold reasonably still.

We'll see! I know you can't wait.

Until then, amigos.