Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Playing Ketchup

I know you are all DYING to know what's been happening lately in Hosta country. Right?

Let's see.

Since the last time I posted:

- 1 birthday (mine). I am rapidly reaching the end of the 'x-39' age bracket, and really, it's no big deal. I will poll myself again next October and we'll see how I feel about it then. It does appear that I am regressing though, as I asked for (and received) a new bike from CrabbyC and Tex. Thanks Parents! Now I am going to be even faster in next year's cancer ride. I hope.

- 2 excellent dinners out in honor of the above birthday. Nectar, for sushi, on the day itself - was phenomenal. Then a steak (well actually surf & turf - nothing is too good for moi) dinner at Pietro's Prime that weekend. It, too, was excellent. And they had 150 year old Grand Marnier; on whose fumes, one can get drunk. Which I did. And then I drank two of them. Because I wasn't drunk enough, apparently. Then I barged in on the date next to us and promised them some concert tix that we won't be able to use. Which I did send to them, because I am a gentleman like that.

- 2 weeks of bingo! Oh my God, I love me some bingo. I believe I am a 70 year old woman trapped in a 39 year old body. We've found a local Tuesday night game at the firehouse in Phoenixville, and I am so enjoying it. Even GeekBoy is getting into the game, although he has yet to win. I won $20 last week and it more than paid for my night. I'll be there tonight with my dauber and my chips and I can't wait! Wish me luck. Word to your g-ma.

- 1 harvest party at my aunt's house. We carved pumpkins and ate a lot. I should have taken a picture of our pumpkins because they were bad-ASS. Since the weather has been so warm here, within a week, mine had caved in and gotten all gross. So now it's in the trash. :( Geekboy went and bought us more pumpkins though, so we'll carve a couple more later this week so we have some for Saturday night.

- 1 musical event. Ian Anderson performing acoustic Jethro Tull at the Keswick. Tull is one of my all time favorites and the Keswick is a fabulous venue; intimate setting, has seats (I can't stand for long periods of time anymore), and there is also a bar (bonus!). We had great seats and it was a fantastic show.

- 55 treat bags for Halloween. I go completely overboard on candy for the kidlets. Strangely enough, although I am not a kid-person, I absolutely love children on Halloween. One night only, and I go all out for it. This year, I think I bought close to 30 bags of candy and got 55 treat bags and a plastic pumpkin filled with leftover loose candy out of them. I put like 10 pieces of candy in each bag and when they are gone, I move to the loose stuff. When that's gone, I go in my house and cry. I hate running out of candy before the trick-or-treaters stop. When I lived in a townhouse community (where I would easily get 200 kids) I still made up bags (yep 200 bags), and when I ran out, I would lock up and go to my mom's house, because I couldn't bear to sit inside and watch kids still walking around. CrabbyC and I have a tradition where we call each other throughout the night and report how many kids we've each had. I'm hoping the weather is good this year. I've got almost 40 luminarias (is that right?) leading down our driveway (it's a long driveway) to the door - I don't want to have to sit at the end of the driveway to give out candy if it's yucky out.

- 1 National League Pennant. OH HELL YES! Go Phils! I can't wait for this series. Here's to hoping that we can pull it off. I got me a new shirt and everything and I am looking forward to watching my boyfriends (him and him mmmmmyummy - oh hi, sorry) play some mean ball. There is nothing like Philadelphia in the midst of a playoff or championship of any sort. I couldn't believe how tame the other team's fans were during some of the games. Really? Christ, they had to grease the light poles downtown before the last game to try and keep people off of them when we won, I heard they removed mailboxes and trash cans too. Those other cities could learn and thing or three from the folks here.

- 1 bee in my hair. I came home after work and went to feed the kitties and all of a sudden there was a buzzing in my ear. My hair was in a ponytail so I started shaking and slapping my head (great mental picture, just wait, it gets better). I still heard the buzzing so then I ripped the hair deal out and bent over and shook out my hair, all the while shrieking like I was being axed to death. Still buzzing, I ripped off my shirt and ran around the house with my head bent over, jumping and yelling and generally acting like a freak. Then the bee fell on the dining room floor. He had absolutely no idea what had just happened to him. And the kitties were no where to be found. I scooped up the bee and took him outside (he was fine) and came back in to feed the felines. They wouldn't come out for anything, I scared the living shit out of them. It took 10 minutes after putting their dishes down for me to coax them out of their hiding places. After I got them squared away, I went out to get the mail and wouldn't you know it, the bee dive-bombed my head. Bastard. I about turned myself inside out in the middle of the driveway. My neighbors must love me. They get to see me at the best moments of my life. I used to wonder if they thought I was psycho, beating the trees with a broom to scare away the squirrels. Maybe they are used to me now.

- 7,542,863 leaves on the ground. Holy shit and there are still as many left on the trees. I vacuumed (yes, vacuumed. with a yard vac) the driveway last night and today it doesn't look like I did a frigging thing. And now it's raining. Here's to hoping that they dry out by Saturday so I can vacuum again. Wet leaves are a bitch to clean up and I don't want any special snowflakes slipping and falling in our driveway on the big day and their parents suing us for everything we've got (which ain't much, but I might be willing to hand over one or more of the kitties though).

- unknown number of hosta leaves clipped. I've been cutting back everything and it's just so sad to see the leaves get all yellow and brown and droopy. Every year I worry 'What if they don't come back next year?!', but so far, they have returned. Keeping my fingers crossed that they come back again in the spring. I did find a dead vole (sorry mr. vole) last week in the driveway, and now I'm concerned that I have voles. Voles and hostas do not mix at all. Always a challenge, in my garden.

Have a good week you guys. Happy Weenie Day!

Watch out for bees.

Monday, October 5, 2009

In which I bite the hand that feeds me

I am probably going to bring some kind of tragic bad food-karma on myself with this, but I have to get it out.

Where I work, we are lucky enough to have breakfast, lunch and dinner provided for us, at no charge. (pause, for you to mentally slap the shit out of me) However, this does not come without the requisite drawback. Our on-site chef, Nasty McMeanPants, is (based on my sample study) the person who would be voted 'Most Likely to Come in Here with a Machine Gun and Blow Us All Away'. Seriously. He has been overheard telling an employee, who dared to take 2 hamburgers, that he hoped the guy choked to death on them. Another employee had a dirty rag thrown at him when he didn't hear what Nasty was saying to him. Needless to say, we don't complain about the food. At least not within his earshot.

Today's gourmet delights included quesadillas, of the beef and chicken variety. I had a chicken one. Maybe it's just me, and maybe I am too used to the 'American' Mexican food; but these did not resemble the quesadillas that I am familiar with.

For one, there was no cheese in them as far as I could tell. Second, they had some kind of black bean corn concoction in them that appeared to have been mixed in when they cooked the shredded chicken. Corn and beans in quesadillas? Am I missing something?

It was like shredded chicken black bean corn stew between flour tortillas. With NO CHEESE. If there had been cheese in with the other stuff, I could have forgiven the rest. But there wasn't, so I can't.

I know, I know - how DARE I bitch about free food, don't I know there are starving people in (insert impoverished country here) that would kill to have one meal a day handed to them, and here I go turning my nose up at one of the three I am provided at no cost to me. That's not it, I am very grateful for this perk and dread going to work elsewhere where we are not as well taken care of.

It was just strange to me and I am curious if anyone else would have had the same reaction? Or is this the way they really are supposed to be and I am the one who doesn't know from real Mexican food. Kind of like the way our 'Chinese food' isn't at all like what you'd get in China. I've been to Mexico (the 'real' part, not resorts) but I was very young and I don't remember what I ordered at the restaurant, let alone what it looked/tasted like.

But I'm sure there was cheese on it - because I am a whore for cheese.