Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Got Snow?

We're getting a lot of snow.

On Saturday, we were in the 'potentially paralyzing' section of the map on the Accuweather site.

I know this isn't a LOT of snow by some people's standards, but for SE PA - it is epic.

This is what Saturday looked like:

So thankful for the snowblower, we've got a giant driveway. This is only half of it.

The graphics on the AccuWeather site are cracking me up. I tried to find the 'potentially paralyzing' shot, because it was so funny, but it was gone from their site - the font was vintage horror movie.

Today's graphic isn't quite as alarming:
We are in the 'worst of the storm' band today.

On the next one, we are right in the middle of the dark-ish blue area that's getting another 12-18 inches of snow through tonight. We've gotten almost a foot so far today.

I took these this morning around 9:30 AM:

They've declared a state of emergency here now and have started closing the major roads. Apparently we are also getting 'thundersnow' accompanied by lightning. WTF? It's not supposed to thunder and lightning when it snows. I think Lewis Black did a bit about it being a sign of the Apocalypse.

GeekBoy is outside snowblowing the driveway now. I've been feeding the birds and knockng the snow off of the trees - this stuff is HEAVY.

More to come once I upload more photos.

(yay snow!)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shadow schmadow - it's a CRITTER! (or, Happy Groundhog Day!)

Hey everyone! It's PHIL! The most famous groundhog in Pennsylvania. (the second most famous groundhog is his brother, Gus, who shills for the PA Lottery)

Groundhogs make me smile. I see them frolicking in one of the fields I drive past on my way to work. I beep my horn and yell at them to stay out of the road. They always sit up and watch me drive by, shaking my fist at them. Crazy lady in the silver box with the noisemaker.

Yes, we all know that I love the critters.

I just wanted to say Happy Groundhog Day. Up in Punxsutawney, they say Phil saw his shadow.

6 more weeks, huh.

Well, strangely enough, by my calendar the Spring Equinox is scheduled to occur in just over 6 weeks.

Something is screwy here.