Saturday, November 19, 2011


The Musical Box performing
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Keswick Theatre

Incredible. Wish I'd been old enough to see the original production in '74.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cat Intro - The Mini

Meet the latest addition to our feline arsenal - Dusty.

(this is a rare moment of her at rest)

She also goes by Mini-Frowf, Dustalicious, Little Pretty, and The Petite Prowf.

She's enjoying chasing her big sister (Madamoiselle, the Maxi-Frowf) around and keeping her on her toes.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The eye has it

I know, I suck at the RA-RA-WRITE-MOR activity. Oh well. I'll try harder from here on out.


This is my eye.

With makeup on it.

I recently caught sight of myself in my new fangled forward-facing iPhone camera, and I was horrified. Washed out doesn't even begin to describe me. I realized that i have absolutely no natural definition around my eyes. How did I reach 41 without seeing this?

So I got a wild hair up my ass to do something about it. First, watch some YouTube tutorials on how to actually apply eye makeup; then practice. Dude, it's not easy. I stabbed myself in the eye numerous times and rubbed my eyelids raw with the constant removal process. Ouch.

On my first attempt - at something called 'how to make green eyes pop', I gave myself what looked like a black eye. On the next try, something in a moderate case of pinkeye.

In frustration I decided to stick to neutrals for the time being, and what you see above is called 'how to *something something* hooded eyes' - because along with the no definition thing, I have barely any visible eyelids.

I know it probably hardly looks like there's anything there, but that one eye took me almost 15 minutes to complete.

How do you regular makeup wearers do it every day?

PS - I do realize that I'm about 25 years late to the play with makeup party. So I'm a late bloomer.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

My new toy

iPhone 4s

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christmas Ball Kittehs

Petco at the registers

These tags on the catnip and cat grass plants crack me up. Stoner kittehs. Hey, pssst, you holdin', William holdin'?

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Yellow Springs Farm
Last pickup for the 2011 Goat Cheese CSA


I joined a cheese CSA this year, because cheese is a primary food group for me and the idea of supporting a local business was appealing. It was awesome. I enjoyed picking up my share at the farm every two weeks, chatting with the owners and seeing what the resident critters were up to.

Every time I would pull into the farm's driveway, whichever goats were out in the pen would be all crazy-go-nuts with the baaaaaa-ing. They'd see me (and probably everyone else picking up, but let's just pretend that they like me best, ok?) and come running over like the fish and geese at a public pond. However, I never had a fistful of mashed up crackers to offer them. (something tells me that the goat owners/cheesemakers really don't want their cheeses having a Saltine quality to them) If you look close in the picture below, the fence post toward the upper left corner has a platform on it, upon which is a black and white kitteh just unlaxing. Kitteh!

Today was no exception, and these two lovely (handsome? I have no idea if they are boys or girls - the farm has both) goats came over to say hello. I'm not sure if other visitors feed them or if they are just really social, but they are not shy at all about getting all up in your face when you stand at the fence. I had to back up a bit to get the picture below because this one started climbing the fence to either give me a kiss, or eat my phone. I did not realize that they could climb fences. Goats are 4 wheel drive. Learn something new every day, I suppose.

Anyway. Goats are neat. Cheese CSA's are pretty cool. You should see if one is available to you in your area. I would try a vegetable CSA, but my picky eating habits coupled with my fear of getting boxes full of rhubarb, yams and turnips week after week keeps me from joining one. And no, I'm not going to try them and see if maybe I like them, Mom.

RE: The title of today's post -

There is some sort of bloggy-thing that happens in November where bloggers are supposed to post every day for the WHOLE MONTH. I see it referenced in a lot of the blogs I read (where the authors don't merely stick up a picture every few days, or weeks - heh), and thought that since I've done such a tremendous job with my iPhone photo-a-day project, that I would maybe stick a toe into the NOV-BLOG-PO-PO (or whatever the fussy not-quite-an-acronym moniker of the forced writing activity is) waters and see how I do. I make no promises regarding the content of each day's scribbles - could be meat, could be cake. We'll see where the spirit takes me, it should be an interesting ride. They always are.