Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's a start...

This seems like a good place to track the progression of my complete and utter addiction to all things Hosta. I understand that there are others out there like me, although, I have yet to meet one in person.

So, if you like hostas, this is the place for you. I'm not so esoteric that I can't enjoy other shade-tolerant plants though. So, you'll get to see that I experiment with lots of different greenies, trying to figure out what will work (or possibly even thrive) on our wooded property. We've got lots of room that I'm trying to fill up, much to GeekBoy's chagrin - you should see his face every time I come home with more plants. It's just because he knows he's going to be tasked with digging holes - and our particular area is completely rock infested.

You may also get to see some birds, kittehs, and other assorted critters. It all depends on what's going on at the time and what gets in front of my camera. And you'll definitely be treated to my somewhat odd sense of humor and sarcastic wit (oh FUN). I hope you enjoy it (I'm not quite sure who I'm talking to, but HI!). First installment to go up I'm wondering if I should take you all (I'm being optimistic here) back to the spring to give this a little more perspective.


  1. I can't wait. It sounds exciting. I've always liked hostas and I'm always up for kitteh pictures.

  2. Debbie, Is this you? I recognize the Hosta pic from your Facebook page. If this is you, I'm way excited . . . :)

  3. It's me. Hi Jill! I figured the FaceBook folks could give a shit about me and my gardening exploits. :) So now I'll put it all here, safe and sound in its own place. I haven't figured out what I'm going to do in the winter yet.