Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shadow schmadow - it's a CRITTER! (or, Happy Groundhog Day!)

Hey everyone! It's PHIL! The most famous groundhog in Pennsylvania. (the second most famous groundhog is his brother, Gus, who shills for the PA Lottery)

Groundhogs make me smile. I see them frolicking in one of the fields I drive past on my way to work. I beep my horn and yell at them to stay out of the road. They always sit up and watch me drive by, shaking my fist at them. Crazy lady in the silver box with the noisemaker.

Yes, we all know that I love the critters.

I just wanted to say Happy Groundhog Day. Up in Punxsutawney, they say Phil saw his shadow.

6 more weeks, huh.

Well, strangely enough, by my calendar the Spring Equinox is scheduled to occur in just over 6 weeks.

Something is screwy here.

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