Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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I have a new post all ready to go, except that the photos that go with it, that I know I loaded onto my newfangled external hard drive thingy aka 'the black box', aren't there. WTF?

So, instead, I give you:
Madamoiselle La Most Beautiful Cat in the World, or as we call her - Pretty.

Ignore the cat hair, lint bits and unmade bed. Focus on the PRETTY GIRL.

Pretty is a former supermodel, now spokeskitteh for warm laps. She enjoys taunting the boys, running away from you when you try to pet her and cuddling into the nook of your side when you're sleeping.

Likes: cork toys, special soft food, good pets, boys

Dislikes: taking pills, going for rides in the car, getting her nails clipped, when mommy makes her butt get her

Madamoiselle is the second oldest of our 3 furkids. I adopted her from a shelter when I was living in CA in 1998. Right now she is on steroids, getting over an allergy that was causing her to lick all of the fur off of her belly and parts of her legs, sometimes removing the skin too (ugh - awful). Pretty is on the mend; her fur is growing back and she is still very beautiful (and she KNOWS it).

One down, two to go.



  1. I Miss Madam, I haven't seen you in so long. You're such a Pretty Girl.

    I can still hear you calling her that, Deb.

    I see you got your Goodreads widget up. Easy peasy, right?

  2. She's still spunky. Keeps the boys on their toes.

    Peeps is living with my parents - he's blind and deaf and 20-something pounds with arthritis from getting hit by a car years ago. My mother says he's 'VAREY HAPPY'. Not sure how long he's got left.

    It was easy, thanks! Somehow I'd gotten myself all worked up that it would require some serious programming - I am a bit of an alarmist.