Thursday, March 10, 2011

Downward Facing Nip-Slips

See this picture?

(from Victoria's Secret)

Would you do yoga in that top? Would you do any sort of rigorous activity in that top? I mean, aside from the 'horizontal indoor sports' variety activity.....Booka-BOW.

The photo is from an email that Vickie's sent me advertising for their 'Gotta Have Yoga Essentials' campaign. As soon as I saw it I thought - 'there is no way in HELL that I would try to practice yoga in a spandex tube top.', and I'm pretty sure that most other regular-type yoga folks would agree. What I 'gotta have' on my yoga top are STRAPS to hold the damn thing up. It's enough that normal yoga tops tend to ride up around the bottom during practice - can you imagine having to yank up your sweaty tube top throughout the hour and a half class? And what about all of the forward bending postures? If you've got anything going on in your chestular region they'd be falling out every time you bend over. WTF VS?

I will admit that it's a cute top and a cute look overall, but don't try to sell me the idea that anyone is exercising for reals in that getup. You also aren't practicing yoga with that hairdo and all that makeup either. At least not real yoga, in a studio with other people and any sort of heat going on. If anyone ever walked into my studio in that top I don't think I could keep it together. I would definitely have to position myself where I could snicker as I watch them struggle with their sartorial choice, which really sort of goes against the principles of yoga, but we can debate my shitty attitude later.

But come on Vicky, really?

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  1. Vicky is a ditz, didn't you know that? None of her clothes are about functional.