Monday, October 5, 2009

In which I bite the hand that feeds me

I am probably going to bring some kind of tragic bad food-karma on myself with this, but I have to get it out.

Where I work, we are lucky enough to have breakfast, lunch and dinner provided for us, at no charge. (pause, for you to mentally slap the shit out of me) However, this does not come without the requisite drawback. Our on-site chef, Nasty McMeanPants, is (based on my sample study) the person who would be voted 'Most Likely to Come in Here with a Machine Gun and Blow Us All Away'. Seriously. He has been overheard telling an employee, who dared to take 2 hamburgers, that he hoped the guy choked to death on them. Another employee had a dirty rag thrown at him when he didn't hear what Nasty was saying to him. Needless to say, we don't complain about the food. At least not within his earshot.

Today's gourmet delights included quesadillas, of the beef and chicken variety. I had a chicken one. Maybe it's just me, and maybe I am too used to the 'American' Mexican food; but these did not resemble the quesadillas that I am familiar with.

For one, there was no cheese in them as far as I could tell. Second, they had some kind of black bean corn concoction in them that appeared to have been mixed in when they cooked the shredded chicken. Corn and beans in quesadillas? Am I missing something?

It was like shredded chicken black bean corn stew between flour tortillas. With NO CHEESE. If there had been cheese in with the other stuff, I could have forgiven the rest. But there wasn't, so I can't.

I know, I know - how DARE I bitch about free food, don't I know there are starving people in (insert impoverished country here) that would kill to have one meal a day handed to them, and here I go turning my nose up at one of the three I am provided at no cost to me. That's not it, I am very grateful for this perk and dread going to work elsewhere where we are not as well taken care of.

It was just strange to me and I am curious if anyone else would have had the same reaction? Or is this the way they really are supposed to be and I am the one who doesn't know from real Mexican food. Kind of like the way our 'Chinese food' isn't at all like what you'd get in China. I've been to Mexico (the 'real' part, not resorts) but I was very young and I don't remember what I ordered at the restaurant, let alone what it looked/tasted like.

But I'm sure there was cheese on it - because I am a whore for cheese.

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  1. I think I would be freaking out about the no-cheese quesadilla too. You're right. Nasty McMean Pants is wrong.